Vet Diagnostic, veterinary products distributor, significantly reduced working times and increased profitability with Senior Software’s solutions

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Vet Diagnostic has optimized their distribution process by using the ERP, SFA, BI and B2B ecommerce systems from Senior Software, that have made a major contribution in improving business performance for the last four years, the distributor doubling its turnover to €6 million. The rapid growth of the business sustained by these solutions, lead to new job openings. The company has achieved significant time savings, reducing the processing time by even 45 minute per order.

Vet Diagnostic, distributor of equipment, medicine and other products for veterinary use, started the collaboration with Senior Software 4 years ago, replacing the old accounting system with SeniorERP from Senior Software, an ERP software that permitted a rapid growth of business.

The company decided to also use other solutions from this provider, seamlessly integrated with the ERP system chosen initially: SeniorSFASFA for sales force management, SeniorVisualBIBI software for data analysis & reporting and SeniorB2BB2B portal for business to business sales.

The distributor chose to start a partnership with Senior Software after receiving recommendations from other companies that have been successfully using these systems for many years. For the last four years, Vet Diagnostic managed to double its turnover – which in 2021 reached 6 million euros, growth to which both Senior Software solutions have made a major contribution, as well as the strategies and other investments made by distributor.

vet diagnostic a implementat sisteme erp sfa bi si b2b de la senior software

With automation systems, Vet Diagnostic significantly reduced errors and achieved more efficient resource management. In addition, the whole process, from taking an order from a field agent to turning it into a package, takes only 5 minutes in some cases, compared to 50 minutes in the past.

”With the ERP solution, but also with the other integrated systems from Senior Software, it’s like going from a 2-wheeled to a much more powerful 4-wheeled vehicle. There were many new aspects to learn, but the benefits far exceeded expectations. The systems, that are intertwined and linked to each other, offer a complex but easy to use solution, both for those in the office and those in the field.

We have considerably reduced working times and we have quick access to information and reports that can be customized according to our needs. We have on average about 100 orders per day and, due to automation, we save around 45 minutes per order with processing. Besides the fact that the systems have made an important contribution to double our turnover, another positive aspect is that the use of these solutions created the premises for more jobs, because the activity has diversified and we had to increase the team”

said Andrei Vernica, shareholder at Vet Diagnostic.

Until the implementation of Senior Software’s systems, the company used a lot of resources with manual data entry, as well as with order processing and other daily activities. Even batch management and goods unloading depending on the expiry date were difficult to operate and hindered billing processes and inventory management.

With the use of Senior Software’s systems, the distributor has managed to simplify the process of adding and invoicing products – depending on batch, to issue invoices for medicines in full compliance with the legal provisions and to obtain access, anytime and anywhere, to updated inventory. At the same time, Vet Diagnostic increased the number of orders delivered in the same time frame, they manage promotions and sales strategies much more effectively and last, but not least, they have higher control and visibility over the entire business.

Regarding SeniorVisualBI, data from ERP and SFA can be easily analysed through this system, with the help of which managers track a series of indicators relevant to the company, such as the number of units sold of a given product and the share/value of those products in the manufacturer’s portfolio. Following the analysis made, the distributor is able to identify and form the most advantageous business partnerships.

“When I saw what major improvements the BI system brings to the company, I wondered why we didn’t choose this solution earlier. It is very useful and much more interesting to work with a Business Intelligence system, besides ERP. It helps us a lot with the correct evaluation of relationships with suppliers, and the generating of sales reports – which are customized by agent, region, manufacturer, using several criteria at the same time, and are much easier to use. With just a few clicks, you can make monthly comparisons, and not only, of sales indicators.”

Andrei Vernica – Vet Diagnostic.

Regarding the B2B ecommerce portal and the company’s future plans, Vet Diagnostic aims to optimize sales processes, to promote the product portfolio more effectively, to increase the time dedicated to customers and the number of orders delivered per day.

About Vet Diagnostic

Vet Diagnostic, based in Bucharest, entered the veterinary products market in 2008 and specializes in the import and distribution of products for pharmacies and veterinary practices. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of products for veterinary use, such as: medical devices and equipment, medicines and medical supplies, supplements and vitamins, products for farms.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is the only provider and developer of software systems in Romania with a complete package of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, Senior Software began its operations with a single division, and currently it has 7 of them through wich intuitive ERP, BI, SCM, MES, E-Commerce & Hardware systems are being implemented. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi) with a team of more than 180 employees.

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