Atu Tech, Romania’s leading online retailer for security products, reduced billing time by 70% with ERP from Senior Software

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Atu Tech, the largest Romanian online store for security systems, has significantly reduced billing time and improved data accuracy with the ERP solution from Senior Software. Following the latest investments, including the purchase of the resource management system, the retailer estimates that it will register a 15% increase in turnover this year.

Atu Tech, the company in Sibiu with the largest online store of security systems in Romania, reduced billing time by about 70% and significantly improved data accuracy as a result of implementing the ERP suite from Senior Software.

With over 4,000 products in its portfolio and services offered through a network of over 1,000 partner installers, Atu Tech manages its business more efficiently through its partnership with Senior Software. The retailer has chosen to use SeniorERP, an ERP software for resource management, and the benefits were fast and easy to notice.

Atu Tech, Romania’s leading online retailer for security products, reduced billing time by 70% with ERP from Senior Software

We saved at least 70% of billing time after implementing the ERP solution, and we also reduced the number of errors to less than 2%. Furthermore, the sales area received a lot of support as a result of the new information swiftly received. Thanks to ERP data, management can now make more informed and faster business decisions; operational processes have been improved, and everything is moving more quickly. It helps us a lot in developing the company.”

Sorin Felea – Atu Tech Director

Prior to the purchase of this ERP software, the company used a classic invoicing and management system, and the decision to switch to the Senior Software suite was motivated by the need to increase business productivity by automating invoicing, management and accounting procedures.

Atu Tech managers decided to implement the ERP system from Senior Software due to its complexity and the extensive customization possibilities it includes. The online retailer chose the software supplier also based on its ongoing commitment to improve and customize the solution to market requirements.

“We now have much easier access to information […] we can make various analyses by clients, by products.”

”The biggest advantage of partnering with Senior Software is the information provided. We now have much easier access to information, due to the way SeniorERP is structured. We can see exactly how much we sold per stock / per product / per import / per customer, we can export data to Excel and we can do various analyses by customers, by products.

The second advantage is the possibility of automation, starting from the invoicing and inventory management processes, to the connection with other software, such as delivery automation – which allows us to manage easier the relationship with the courier companies.”

said Sorin Felea, Director of Atu Tech

Integrating SeniorERP with the delivery app allows the online retailer to assess and manage all deliveries in a single platform and resume decisions in this segment. Atu Tech operates with 5 courier companies, and the use of automation solutions allows the retailer to select the best courier based on the area where the products must be delivered and the lowest pricing, thus reducing costs and delivery time.

Atu Tech’s representatives are planning to continue the efforts regarding the business digitalization, in order to maximize efficiency of the operational procedures, aspects through which they will support the business growth and the plans to maintain its market dominance.

”For the current year, we estimate a 15% increase in turnover, a sustained evolution of investments of 1 million euros in consolidating the leading position on the market, reducing delivery times, increasing the number of products listed on the site to over 15,000 and supplementing stocks for all product categories while expanding the team.”
Sorin Felea
Atu Tech Director

About Atu Tech

Founded in 2011, Atu Tech is a company from Sibiu that offers security systems through the online store, as well as consulting and support services. With a turnover of 13 million euros, Atu Tech is the largest online store of security systems in Romania. The retailer’s product portfolio includes: video surveillance systems, alarm systems, control, access, gate automation, intercoms and video intercoms, as well as fire protection systems, sound systems and electrical installations.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is the only provider and developer of software systems in Romania with a complete package of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, the company has completed over 450 successful implementations, using the latest technologies. Senior Software started the business with a single division, and currently has 6 divisions through which it implements intuitive systems such as ERP, BI / CPM, SCM, MES, E-commerce and Hardware. The company operates in four locations in Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj and Iasi) with a team of 160 employees.

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