Marbeto, a major meat supplier from western Romania, manages its business in an integrated way with modern systems from Senior Software.

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Marbeto, one of the leading suppliers of western Romania’s meat industry, has streamlined its business since replacing its old software with integrated systems from Senior Software. With powerful business management software at its disposal, the company efficiently manages and controls its supply, storage, and sales processes, while also making better business decisions based on accurate and real-time data.

Marbeto, an important frozen products distributor from Arad (Romania), with a turnover of approximately 32 million euros, gained complete control and visibility over its business, by using modern ERP and BI software systems from Senior Software. The supplier has recorded major benefits due to the advanced capabilities of the implemented systems, the connection between them and the integration of ERP with a software program used by one of its business partners.

Marbeto supplies producers and distributors of meat and meat products from different areas of the country with raw materials, having several temperature-controlled storage spaces and a constant stock of about 1000 tons of frozen goods. Taking into account the nature of the goods, the quantity managed and other business specifics, the distributor decided 4 years ago to replace its old software, which could not centrally manage and monitor the company’s status, with integrated and flexible systems. Following some analyses and recommendations from the market, Marbeto chose to implement SeniorERPERP software for resource management and SeniorVisualBIBI software for reporting, analysis and data visualization from Senior Software.

marbeto utilizeaza sisteme software integrate erp si business intelligence de la senior software

“Prior to our partnership with Senior Software, accounting records, logistics activity, as well as sales and receipts were kept in three different programs. The need for integration and centralized tracking was the determining factor that led to the implementation of Senior Software’s systems. Another equally important criterion for us was the possibility to fit the software system as closely as possible to our way of working.

The main benefit resulting from the collaboration with Senior Software is the ability to centrally supervise our activity. At the same time, we have the capability to make the right business decisions regarding supply processes, sales policies and business management, because we can analyze sales and inventory much better. The use of integrated systems provides us with a clear, transparent and real-time image of all important aspects, so that we can make correct decisions faster and benefit from a competitive advantage in the market.”

Marius Varadi, Manager – Marbeto

Using the perfectly integrated software from Senior Software, the supplier managed to automate business flows and centralize all of the company’s data. Thanks to the connection between the systems, Marbeto’s team has access to accurate and up-to-date data that can be quickly analyzed and interpreted. The distributor benefits from full inventory traceability, quickly operates invoices and collections, the entire sales process taking place in an optimized way. The supplier can create the desired reports and dashboards with a minimum of effort and can easily track key business indicators, thus establishing effective strategies to increase performance.

The company’s processes have also been streamlined as a result of connecting the resource management system with another system from Senior Software, used by one of Marbeto’s partners. More precisely, the ERP software used by the meat distributor is integrated with the WMS system implemented by Frigo HM, a 3PL logistics service provider, in whose warehouses Marbeto stores part of its goods.

sisteme software erp si business intelligence integrate cu WMS

Due to the integration between the two systems, customer orders are automatically sent to the WMS program, to be prepared for delivery. Afterwards, the picking confirmation is sent to SeniorERP, where sales documents are quickly generated. Therefore, the connection between the partner companies’ software allows for faster and more accurate order processing, ensuring transparency over the activities carried out and, at the same time, facilitating business relations.

”The integration between the SeniorERP system, implemented within our company, and the WMS solution used by Frigo HM helps us a lot because we can view in real-time the arrangement and preparation of goods in the warehouse, which products were delivered and when, while also having a correct and detailed picture of inventory.”
Marius Varadi
Manager - Marbeto

Regarding future plans, the company aims to increase its market share and to continue optimizing the supply, storage and sales processes with the help of integrated systems from Senior Software.

About Marbeto

Marbeto is a supplier of raw materials for the meat industry and has been active on the Romanian market since 2004. The company has its own and rented storage spaces in Arad, Bucharest and Constanta, as well as outside the country’s borders. The range of products sold by the supplier includes several categories, such as: pork, poultry, beef, fish and semi-prepared products.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is a provider and developer of high-performance software systems for integrated business management. Founded in 2003, the company has achieved over 500 successful implementations, using the latest technology. Senior Software implements ERP systems, BI, SCM, MES, E-commerce and Hardware systems. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Contanta, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara) with a team of more almost 200 employees.

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