The Ideal FoodPack packaging factory keeps costs under control with help of accurate data from SeniorERP

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Ideal FoodPack, manufacturer that offers innovative packaging solutions for the food industry and HoReCa, manages its activity and can easily scale business, with the help of the SeniorERP system from Senior Software. Thanks to the resource management solution, the company from Mures (Romania) has access to accurate data, updated in real time, which allows it to keep costs under control and quickly identify correct business directions.

Ideal FoodPack, manufacturer of packaging solutions for food and beverages, manages its business much more efficiently with the help of the SeniorERP system – ERP software for the integrated management of resources, from Senior Software. Thus, the company from Mures (Romania), which has a 5,000 square meter factory in Reghin, has access to detailed and updated information, which gives it a much clearer picture of the entire business and allows it to keep manufacturing costs under control.

With a turnover of around 3.5 million euros, Ideal FoodPack is the only company in Romania that has equipment specially designed to produce certain types of cardboard packaging, intended for dairy products, which have a much lower carbon footprint. Each month, the company produces packaging worth 1.5 million euros, the products being available both on the domestic and foreign markets. The manufacturer decided to implement ERP from Senior Software, since it allows the business to scale and support its accelerated development.

The Ideal FoodPack packaging factory keeps costs under control with the help of accurate data from the SeniorERP system

“We realized that we need a much more efficient software system, which would allow us to solve all challenges from pur industry and, thus, to have the opportunity to develop at our desired pace. We had presentations from four providers of ERP software solutions, and after pragmatically analyzing things, we found that SeniorERP, provided by Senior Software, best suits our business needs.

As a manager, I can say that if we didn’t implement SeniorERP, we would have had a lot to lose, especially in the future. You can’t scale the business if you don’t have such a system and, more than that, you have no way to develop. Taking into account the functionalities of the SeniorERP system and the projects we have planned, we expect that in the next two years we will reach a turnover of approximately 13 million euros.”

Laszlo Baruch, CEO – Ideal FoodPack

The experience and professionalism demonstrated by the Senior Software team, as well as the continuous dedication to the development of software solutions from their portfolio, are some of the aspects that determined the start of the collaboration between the two companies. At the same time, regarding the chosen solution, the feedback of the companies that already used SeniorERP was very important for the management of Ideal FoodPack, along with the fact that the software is a 100% Romanian ERP system, which easily adapts to the peculiarities of businesses in Romania.

“The ERP system gives me a lot of data at my fingertips and
helps to better understand the business”

With the help of the SeniorERP system, Ideal FoodPack has automated its business processes and currently manages its operations and company resources in an integrated manner, successfully covering the production, financial-accounting and inventory management areas. The solution provides the producer with a continuous flow of accurate information, thus allowing the connection of processes and the increase of efficiency in everyday activities. Through the data and reports from SeniorERP, the management of Ideal FoodPack gained end-to-end visibility of the company and the ability to quickly establish the right business directions in order to increase profitability.

Before we implemented the ERP solution from Senior Software, we were facing difficulties in managing our activity. We did not have quick access to reports, and they did not contain detailed and updated information, which would give us a clear picture of the company, the costs and the direction we should go.

Now, through the reports we get with SeniorERP, we can observe certain things much faster, we can clearly see what the situation is in the company and, therefore, react immediately whenever necessary. The ERP system gives me a lot of data at my fingertips and helps me get to know the business better.

An extremely important aspect today is cost management. It is essential not to lose track of costs. Therefore, it is very important that I have a software that helps me to see every day how things are, to follow some costs, some consumptions, to observe, with one click, what percentage of a product represents the cost of the raw material or what is the yield of the products.”

Laszlo Baruch, CEO – Ideal FoodPack

About Ideal FoodPack

Ideal FoodPack produces and distributes packaging for food and beverage, both plastic and biodegradable. Founded in 2004, Ideal Foodpack produces soup bowls, food and fruit boxes, cardboard lids for hot drinks and much more. Among the products being made is also a unique monomaterial solution, i.e. glasses with eco-friendly lids. The packaging is sold in Romania, but also in Spain, Norway, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, France and many other countries.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is a provider and developer of high-performance software systems for integrated business management. Founded in 2003, the company has achieved over 500 successful implementations, using the latest technology. Senior Software implements ERP systems, BI, SCM, MES, E-commerce and Hardware systems. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Contanta, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara) with a team of more almost 200 employees.

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