The manufacturer & supplier Cipcos Mar lowered work times & gained fast access to information with ERP & BI from Senior Software

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Cipcos Mar, who does business in the building materials market, optimized a wide array of activities from both the manufacturing & distribution areas, as well as in accounting & finances, with a suite of integrated systems from Senior Software. The company considerably lowered work times, improved client relationships & gained real-time access to detailed reports & analyses, replacing the previously used 4 applications with modern & scalable ERP & BI systems.

Cipcos Mar, manufacturer & supplier of building materials from the Arges county replaced their old systems, which were prone to errors, used too many resources & they couldn’t handle the company’s development, with the integrated solutions from Senior Software.

The company, which has a turnover of over 38 mil. euros, is currently using flexible systems which facilitate the business’ development & the efficiant management of all resources:

SeniorERP – resource management software
SeniorVisualBI – software for complex analyses & detailed reports

With the ERP & BI solutions, Cipcos Mar has real-time access to data regarding inventory, clients & suppliers, they can now make the transfer from raw material to finished product with a single click and they also now benefit from increased visibility & control over the business.

seniorerp si seinorvisualbi au contribuit la optimizarea operatiunilor cipcos mar jul 2022
“With the new ERP, we gained much more clear & accurate reports […] in optimal time.”

”Before we implemented the ERP system from Senior Software, we used a management & accounting program that weren’t fit for sustaining our continually developing company’s needs. The fact that we had 4 different systems made our work considerably more difficult, in the sense that there were delays when we operated, exported & verified accounting documents.

SeniorERP minimized all these lost work times, giving us access to data regarding our company in a single database. With the new ERP, we gained much more clear & precise reports regarding each department’s productivity & our activities, in an optimal amount of time.”

declared Marius Constantin, Owner – Cipcos Mar Complex

Benefits gained with the help of Senior Software’s integrated systems

Tthe integrated systems from Senior Software fit perfectly with Cipcos Mar’s numerous particularities, for both the building materials distribution operations & the manufacturing of metallic tiles & pipes.

By investing in the ERP system for operations management, the company managed to gain control over costs, efficiency in the sales area & to improve customer relationships. The ERP system gives the financial department access to efficient analysis instruments, based on precise terms, credit lines & sale limiters, set by the company’s management.

With the help of the Business Intelligence solution, the company now can make analyses regarding the evolution of sales & analyses regarding profitability gained for a certain factor, for product groups or individual products. Graphs made in the BI system, for defined periods of time, help management check if required targets were achieved in order to benefit from bonuses.

“The BI data analysis system came as a supplement to the ERP and offered us fast access to reports & analyses, which required much longer time with the old application. I can say that the BI solution was the cherry on top because now we have access to all the information from the ERP, easily & quickly selecting, through the system’s interface, the data that we want the report to contain”

added Marius Constantin

A complete suite of powerful software solutions

Through the functionalities offered by the ERP & BI solutions, the company managed to optimize operating times, manufacturing & distribution processes while also increasing employee productivity. Along these system, Cipcos Mar also purchased SeniorHR – for human resources management and SeniorB2C – for B2C online sales.

The HR software simplified the way in which the business manages aspects tied to the work force, offering quick access to both the information required for salary calculations as well as reports regarding employees.

Following this, through the B2C Ecommerce solutions, the distributor wants to increase online sales, automating the entire process & simplifying all online commerce operations.

cipcos mar a implementat solutiile erp bi b2c si hr de la senior software

Cipcos Mar began the collaboration with Senior Software following the positive feedback from one of the company’s partners, which was already using a solution offered by them. The implication, availability & know-how which the software system supplier showed, but also the customization possibilities available for the solutions in their portfolio, completed the decision made by the company from Arges in regards to form a partnership with Senior Software.

About Cipcos Mar

Cipcos Mar Complex was founded in 1994 and its main fields of activity are the production of metal tiles and metal gutters and the distribution of construction materials. The business addresses both companies and individuals. Among the suppliers of Cipcos Mar are: Wienerberger (Porotherm) , Elpreco, Saint Gobain Weber, Rigips, Isover, etc. The company operates in 5 locations in the Arges County with a team of over 190 employees.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is the only provider and developer of software systems in Romania with a complete package of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, Senior Software began its operations with a single division, and currently it has 7 of them through wich intuitive ERP, BI, SCM, MES, E-Commerce & Hardware systems are being implemented. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi) with a team of more than 180 employees.

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