The unique distributor of adidas equipment for martial arts & boxing in Romania, manages its business with SeniorERP

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Masibo Sport, manufacturer & distributor of professional equipment & accessories, unique representative of adidas equipment for martial arts & boxing in Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova, gained visibility & control over business operations with ERP system from Senior Software.

Masibo Sport, manufacturer of the brand with the same name & official distributor of adidas equipment for martial arts in Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova manages its business with SeniorERP, an ERP solution for resource management from Senior Software.

By investing in the ERP system, the company gained visibility & control over its entire activity, accuracy regarding inventory, efficiency in sales and improved customer relations.

”Presently, thanks to the ERP system, everything is in order, we have a clear overview over all our activity & we can set very precise goals.

We have a very, very clear view of our inventory, which is extremely important for us. We can generate reports based on our needs, on any level, on both the acquisitions site and the collections side. This allows us to better organize and plan the following period.

Procedures are also much clearer. When we have a client order, we prepare it, generate the invoice and, from the system, we also generate the AWB, thus gaining a complete flow, with well organized procedures from A to Z.”

Alina Tinca, Owner – Masibo Sport

Benefits gained with the help of Senior Software’s ERP solution

The ERP system for the integrated management of operations adapted to Masibo Sport’s needs, who now currently benefits from a quick flow of accurate information and well-defined work procedures.

By integrating the SeniorERP solution with the company’s B2C ecommerce platform, the business managed to gain increased visibility over their inventory & data updating in real-time. More so, the business has access to detailed reports for both the sales area and the collection area, having thus the ability to efficiently plan budgets & set realistic business objectives.

At the same time, the real-time synchronization of inventory from the online store with the ERP app eliminated the risk of being able to place orders on out of stock products, fact which lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Beneficii obtinute cu ajutorul solutiei ERP de la Senior Software

Currently, the manufacturer & supplier of sports gear for martial arts & boxing can automatically make a plan of the required inventory, based off sales history from the online store and easily tracks sales volumes, more precisely volumes made by each sales agent individually. Also, the company increased employee productivity thanks to the increased communication between departments & the automation of repetitive manual tasks.

The company’s management chose Senior Software as a development partner following an intense market study & discussions with multiple software system providers. Flexibility & customization options in the ERP solution, together with the Senior Software team’s professionalism & its vast experience were a few of the elements that counted for the Masibo Sport team.

“Among the main criteria we had when choosing Senior Software were the system’s ability to mold to our needs but also the system’s ability to extend, based on our growth. Last but not least, the professionalism of the team with whom I was in contact from the beginning mattered, because you need to see that the people you talk to are well prepared and interested in making things work.”

Alina Tinca, Owsner – Masibo Sport

For the future, the company proposed for the end of this year to launch a complete line of Judo equipment and also want to optimize all operations regarding inventory, to improve B2B sales through their online B2B portal and attract the highest number of clients possible.

About Masibo Sport

Masibo Sport started its activity in 2010 and is a manufacturer of sports equipment and accessories and exclusive distributor for adidas martial arts and boxing equipment. The company produces and distributes equipment dedicated to performance sports, but also mass sports for Karate, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Taekwondo, Wrestling. The equipment is sold to sports federations, resellers, sports clubs and individuals – through the online store

About Senior Software

Senior Software is the only provider and developer of software systems in Romania with a complete package of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, Senior Software began its operations with a single division, and currently it has 7 of them through wich intuitive ERP, BI, SCM, MES, E-Commerce & Hardware systems are being implemented. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi) with a team of more than 180 employees.

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