Light Candle Art reduced order preparation times by 30% with business management solutions from Senior Software

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The candle distributor Light Candel Art managed to overcome business challenges and optimize the company’s processes, developing business at the desired pace with the help of the SeniorERP, SeniorVisualBI and WMS systems from Senior Software. Thanks to these solutions, the company efficiently manages stocks, warehouse activities, as well as commercial transactions with IKA and those on the traditional market, while being at the same time able to quickly design the right business strategies based on precise analyses and detailed reports.

“What I liked about Senior Software was their availability to mold to our requirements and wishes. They made us an offer appropriate to our needs, at an acceptable price, which determined us to begin this beautiful collaboration. The Senior Software systems helped us very much are perfect for our business and without them I don’t think we would be able to function anymore.”
Ciprian Zeca
CFO - Light Candel Art

What advantages did the company gain?

As a result of using integrated ERP, BI and WMS systems, provided by Senior Software, the Light Candle Art team gained the following:

Effective management of resources, financial accounting operations, sales and logistics activities

Real-time access to information about stocks, prices, suppliers, customers and sales

Simplified work flows, increased employee productivity and improved relationshipss with partners

30% faster order processing time and other important time savings

Optimized storage space, quick inventories and accurate estimates of stock requirements

Support in business development through detailed reports and complex but easily generated analyses

Increased visibility and control over stocks and quick and correct identification of products in the warehouse

More effective directions and business strategies, established in a short time and based on accurate data

The company’s status before and after implementing the ERP, BI and WMS systems

The decision to start collaborating with Senior Software came from the distributor’s desire to optimize work processes and manage the business in an integrated manner with the help of systems that access a unique database.

The company, which started with 2 employees, 15 assortments in the product portfolio and a storage space of 80 sqm, gradually reached 70 employees, about 1,000 SKUs and storage spaces of about 5,000 m2, with a capacity of 10,000 pallets. In this context, the main challenge of the distributor was to deal with the storage and information management related to customers, suppliers and goods, since the old system used by the company was not complex enough to cover all business needs.

As a result of this, in order to improve its activity and achieve integrated business management, the distributor turned to the offer made by Senior Software, consisting of the ERP, BI and WMS systems. This software pack allowed the company to increase sales and develop business.

light candel art utilizeaza cu succes sistemele integrate erp bi si wms de la senior software 2

“We have a lot of information available in SeniorERP: prices, sales, clients, suppliers, and all of them are brought into view when you need them. Along SeniorERP, from Senior Software we also purchased the BI solution and, after this, the WMS system. With BI, we generate reports and analyses, and extracting required data is done quickly, which allows us to save time. The WMS helps us manage our warehouse, it hows us at any time where each item is stored and in what quantities. after implementing this solution we registered a 40% growth in our turnover, which was done with the help of the WMS system.”

Ciprian Zeca, CFO – Light Candel Art

About Light Candel Art

Founded in 2008, Light Candle Art is a business that distributes candles, scented sticks, aromatic oils, etc.

Currently, the company has a turnover of over 124 million RON, and most sales are made to large stores and hypermarkets from different corners of the country.The distributor also sells products through its own online store, as well as through the marketplace platform.

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