Spy Shop, the leader of the Romanian online distribution of security equipment market, has reduced order processing times by 40%

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With the help of the SeniorERP and WMS systems, from Senior Software, Spy Shop automated most of its work processes and manages business in an integrated manner. Currently, the company optimally manages its 4 warehouses, which have a permanent stock worth 5 million euros, and processes orders from the online store in a shorter time and without errors, while also reducing return rates. Thanks to these perfectly integrated systems, the security equipment distributor has a clear picture of the business, which allows it to carry out its activity optimally, make the most of the company’s resources and design the most effective business strategies.

“After implementing Senior Software's ERP solution, things became much clearer. We know what each customer segment is buying and where we are profitable, thus we can determine which product categories and key products to invest in for the future. SeniorERP has optimized our workflows by interconnecting all platforms, allowing us be more efficient with fewer people.”
Florin Maritescu
CEO – Spy Shop

What advantages and benefits did the company gain?

Elimination of redundant activities and streamlining data flow

Connecting the online shop with ERP and fast and error-free data retrieval

Increase information accuracy and reduced return rates by 40%.

Real-time transmission of orders to the warehouse and optimal inventory management

40% reduction in the time required to process customer orders

Intelligent storage of products and shortening of picking routes

80% reduction in picking times and 60% improvement in inventory accuracy

Devising effective strategies regarding sales, profit, customer / product categories

Training of new warehouse operators in maximum 5 days, compared to several months

Improving customer relationships and identifying new business opportunities

The company’s status before and after implementation of ERP and WMS systems

The decision to start working with Senior Software came from the distributor’s desire to optimize work processes and manage the business in an integrated way using systems that access a single database. When choosing the software solution provider, the distributor took into account feedback from the market.

Prior to implementing ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software, the company was using non-integrated solutions that had a number of limitations and caused difficulties in managing the business. Before partnering with Senior Software, information could not be centralized in a single database, work processes were not connected and managers did not have a clear picture of sales, inventory and more. In the warehouses, product identification was difficult, errors occurred, and it took months to train new employees.

After the implementation of Senior Software’s systems, all these challenges were solved thanks to the automation of workflows and the links formed between different business areas. The distributor gained more control and visibility over business and can quickly identify the right directions based on the detailed analyses and reports in ERP. The entire order picking and picking process has been streamlined as a result of SeniorERP’s integration with the online store and warehouse management solution.

Spy Shop, the leader of the Romanian online distribution of security equipment market, has reduced order processing times by 40%

“With the implementation of SeniorERP and WMS solutions, customer relations have improved. So far, the collaboration with Senior Software is very good, we have had a lot of support from the support team and, if things go in the same direction, I see a bright future for both companies.

Looking back, I came to the conclusion that the solution offered by Senior Software was the best option and thus helped us to become the number 1 in Romania in the security segment.”

Florin Maritescu, CEO – Spy Shop

About Spy Shop

With a turnover of 20 million euros, Spy Shop is a leading player on the Romanian online security equipment distribution market.

The company has a wide range of security, monitoring and surveillance products, with a portfolio of over 40 brands, which it sells through the store. Also, the supplier has a distribution network of over 2000 installers and 4 warehouses with a total area of 5000 square meters.

brands sold
m2 warehouse surface

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