The manufacturer of Torockoi cheeses stated: “These digital solutions tell you exactly what you have to do today, so that you can make a profit tomorrow”

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De Coltesti, the company in Alba county (Romania) that produces Torockoi cheeses, has streamlined its work processes and gained integrated business management with perfectly connected software systems from Senior Software. The software solutions used by the company are SeniorERPsoftware for resource management, SeniorVisualBIsoftware for analysis and reporting, MESsoftware for production activity management and SeniorSFAsoftware for sales force automation.

“The ERP system has always was there for any problems we encountered. By integrating SeniorERP with the SFA software, we have achieved a much better flow of data from the field to the processing side, to the factory, the warehouse, and then to the product preparation and shipping area.

BI, on the other hand, gives us a clear overview and helps us make certain decisions. The MES solution has digitized the processes within the production unit, helped us reduce costs and eliminate downtime and the risk of human error. Today, people are much more connected to what we do, everyone knows exactly what they need to do, and the interconnection between systems allows us to have much greater transparency.”

Marius Chiorean
Sales Manager - De Coltesti (Torockoi Dairy)

Advantages & benefits gained by the company:

Instant access to up-to-date data (production, stocks, sales, clients)

3 hours saved each day with preparing invoices, orders, etc

Increased visibility over company operations & resources

Reducing costs by automating processes

Improved decision making process & business performance

Eliminating the risk of human error from the order preparation process

Easy tracking of production & maintaining a high standard of quality

Greater speed & maximum accuracy in sending orders from the field

Complete traceability, from raw matter to the finished product, and vice-versa

Compensating employees based on proven performance & increasing productivity

“It’s reassuring that we have all the solutions from the same provider”

The collaboration with Senior Software started from De Coltesti’s desire to have a stable, proven partner with a complete suite of business management systems that can provide the right solutions and support at every stage of development.

With Senior Software’s systems, the manufacturer has gained full control over business operations, from taking orders, releasing them into production, managing resources and monitoring factory workflows, to getting the finished products shipped to the customer.

“It’s reassuring that we have all the solutions from the same provider. As a company, you want a reliable partner that has a broad palette and works at both a smaller and larger level, and that knows how to help you at every stage of development.

The relationship with Senior Software started in 2018 and has always been transparent, fair, and through the solutions implemented we can say that we have an integrated digitization. Everything we operate in ERP, is seen in MES, and what we do in MES, is automatically seen in ERP. Further on, everything comes into an overview in BI and helps you make concrete decisions to improve your business. You learn how to become better at what you do. These digital solutions prepare you for the future, meaning that they tell you exactly what you need to do today, so you can make a profit tomorrow.”

Marius Chiorean, Sales Manager – De Coltesti (Lactate Torockoi)

About De Coltesti

De Coltesti, known for its Torockoi dairy products, was founded in 1994. The business focuses on the production of cheese and other milk derivatives. The products are made in the factory in Coltesti, following Swiss recipes and using the latest technology.

The range of products includes: various kinds of cheese, soft cheese, butter, matured cheese and more. The products, made with milk from farms in the Trascaului region, are delivered to customers through De Coltesti’s own fleet.

partners served
liters of milk processed daily

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