SensoPRO Milano processes thousands of orders daily, without errors, thanks to ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software

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SensoPRO Milano, one of the most important cosmetic products online retailers in Romania, optimized its business processes with the help of ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software. Having at its disposal integrated systems, the company significantly improved supplying, storage and sales operations, managing to double the number of orders shipped each day to Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. Currently, the distributor has over 16 000 products in its portfolio and efficiently manages sales through 4 own online stores and 5 marketplace platforms.

“Before implementing the ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software, our shipping capacity was of around 1 500 orders per day. Now, we managed to double this number, processing over 3 000 orders each day and up to 7 000 in high season or or during various promotions.

SeniorERP allows us to manage business in an integrated way, giving us instant access to critical data. The ERP system gives us a complete view over operations, orders, stocks dynamics and financial & accounting indicators, while at the same time automating a series of time-consuming processes. On the other side, with the help of WMS we have a clear understanding of stocks and their locations, we can accurately plan supplying, and employee performance was greatly improved, picking times being lowered by 50%.”

Viorel Haiducescu
Sales Manager – SensoPRO Milano

What benefits did the company gain?

Thanks to the use of the integrated ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software, SensoPRO Milano recorded numerous benefits, including:

Connected processes and integrated business management

Real-time traceability and visibility of stocks

Correct and timely supply planning

Access to accurate and updated data in real time

Reduction of the necessary time dedicated to picking by 50%

Successful adaptation to domestic and international fiscal requirements

Synchronization of kit composition operations with the request

Automation of the invoicing process and reducing the related time

“The ERP works like a brain, and the WMS is the strength of the arms […] both work in perfect synchronization”

Two years ago, SensoPRO Milano decided to invest in the SeniorERP systems – ERP software for resource management and WMS – software for warehouse management. Thus, the company’s activity was completely transformed, facilitating the optimal development of expansion plans, the distributor making the transition from pen and paper-based workflows to automated and connected processes.

As a result of using ERP and WMS systems from Senior Software, the company has doubled its volume of processed orders, and sales from the nine online channels of SensoPRO Milano are efficiently processed through the ERP system and automatically directed to the warehouse for delivery preparation.

To manage the warehouse, SensoPRO Milano uses the WMS system, which is integrated with ERP software and barcode scanning devices, such as pocket scanners and ring scanners. This way, sales orders are transmitted directly to the WMS, allowing warehouse employees to immediately start preparing parcels, scanning the products with the help of portable equipment.

The implementation of this automated process improved the efficiency of picking activities by allowing employees to quickly locate products in the warehouse and prepare the orders in a much shorter time and without errors.

Moreover, thanks to the interconnection between the two software systems, SensoPRO Milano manages its resources in a centralized way, and workflows in all departments have been improved. The entire SensoPRO Milano team benefits from access to precise and updated information in real time, which gives managers a global view of the business, and the business is managed in a continuous and unified flow.

sensopro milano utilizeaza sisteme software integrate erp si wms

“Regarding the connection between the two systems, I can say that the ERP functions as a brain, while the WMS is the strength of the arms. Both work in perfect synchronization. Any planning made in the ERP is reflected in the WMS, and any action done in the WMS is instantly available in the ERP. The two programs function as a mirror, and their architecture allows us to manage all our activity in a single place.”

Viorel Haiducescu, Sales Manager – SensoPRO Milano

Regarding future goals, the company intends to expand to several international markets and to consolidate its position in Romania, as well as outside the country’s borders. The development plans are supported by the ERP and WMS programs, as well the support of Senior Software’s team.

About SensoPRO Milano

The company offers a wide array of cosmetic products for manicure, epilation and make-up, both from its two own brands – SensoPRO Milano and LUXORISE, as well as from other internationally recognized brands. The products are sold in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, through the online stores of the retailer, respectively,,,, but also through marketplace platforms.

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