Sipex Company has been managing its business with integrated software systems for almost 10 years

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Sipex Company, 2nd largest distributor of construction materials in Romania, has optimized and developed its business in the last 10 years, using ERP, BI, SFA software solutions and the B2B ecommerce portal. With a turnover of 59 million euros, 12 logistics centers and a fleet of around 200 vehicles, the distributor managed to expand and consolidate its position on the market with the help of integrated systems from Senior Software, which have provided major benefits.

”The systems perfectly suits our requirements. It has already been around 10 years since our partnership with Senior Software began and I am glad that we made this choice. I fully felt all the benefits of this collaboration. It is proven that Senior Software helped us a lot in our development. We want to continue to develop, we intend to open other work points and we will definitely find support in our partner to achieve these new goals.”
Costin Gheorghe
CFO - Sipex Company

What benefits did the company gain?

Thanks to the use of the integrated SeniorERP, SeniorVisualBI, SeniorSFA and SeniorB2B systems,
the Sipex Company team recorded the following benefits:

Centralization of information in a single database

Integrated business management and control over the use of resources

Real-time traceability and visibility over inventory

Lowered percentage of unpaid invoices and improvement of commercial relations

Tracking sales and profitability, according to different criteria

Testing different business scenarios and more effective strategies

Successful compliance with fiscal requirements, including the 406 Statement (SAF-T)

Major time savings along the entire operational line and increased productivity

Quick invoicing from any work point and easy tracking of receipts

Real-time visibility on price fluctuations and cost control

Efficiency of freight transport and reduction of fuel consumption

Easy to interpret complex analyses and real-time reports

The company’s status before and after the implementation of the Senior Software systems

Prior to the partnership with Senior Software, most of the processes carried out by the distributor were done manually and were not connected, a fact that generated long work times and errors. Among the challenges faced by the company were: the difficulty of managing the business in an integrated way and the impossibility of generating business reports in real time.

By using the integrated systems from Senior Software, Sipex managed to automate business flows, comply with fiscal requirements and centralize all business information into a single database.

Sipex issues around 50,000 invoices per month, and SeniorERP allowed the quick execution of invoicing operations and the easy tracking of collections. The BI solution provides the distributor with real-time reports on sales and profitability by agent, by area, by product type and more.

With the SFA system, field agents have gained visibility over the inventory, having the possibility to make stock reservations and launch orders in a much shorter time. At the same time, the B2B portal facilitated commercial relationships with Sipex’s partners. They can place orders directly in the application at any time and easily make necessary payments, track order statuses, view set prices, balances and due dates.


“With ERP, times have improved along the entire operational line. We have made every transport more efficient and keep costs under control. We can always carefully analyze if, what, when or how much we need to order, depending on the rotation we want and other criteria. The most important thing is getting reports in real time with SeniorVisualBI, which is a magnificent solution. We can track sales per agent, per area, per product type and we can see profitability per agent, per work point and more.”

Costin Gheorghe, CFO – Sipex Company

About Sipex Company

Sipex Company is one of the largest distributors of construction materials and finishings in Romania. The company has over 26 years of experience on the market and has a staff of 300 employees.

Sales activities are carried out through 3 channels: traditional retail, B2B and online. Among the brands distributed by Sipex are: Cesarom, Swisspor, Ceresit, Rigips, Weber, Austrotherm, Baumit, Porotherm, Isover and many others.

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