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The distributor Pro Activ has reduced the impact
of price volatility on the company and increased business profitability

|Implemented solutions: SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI

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The building materials distributor, Pro Activ, has managed to significantly mitigate the negative impact of price volatility on the company and to streamline daily operations while mapping the right business strategies with the help of integrated ERP and BI system.

“Several players in this industry have been affected by massive price increases and we are talking about doubling prices in a very short time, about increases of tens of percent per quarter. Senior Software’s tools helped us to anticipate these situations, to deliver performance and a very well-developed controlling area. We are sure and aware that without Senior Software’s solution, the impact of price volatility on the company’s profitability would be overwhelming. It would have been very difficult for us to manage inventory and prices at batch level, because we did not have the clarity and traceability of all our internal actions.”
Alin Ionescu
Executive Director, Pro Activ

What benefits has the company gained?

Among the changes noted by the company, following the implementation of the integrated SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI systems, we count:

Easy access to updated data, even from mobile phones

Transmission of accurate information for the market

Generation of detailed reports and complex analyses

Reduced working times on various operations

Quick access to the system for agents via the mobile application

Optimal management of procurement, planning and delivery operations

Real-time visibility over prices

Optimal inventory management

Reduction of errors and repetitive manual tasks

Simple management of financial and accounting operations

Traceability of all operations in the company

Efficient management of customer relationships

About the collaboration with Senior Software

The distributor started using Senior Software systems in 2020, Pro Activ being the first company to achieve a 100% remote implementation of ERP and BI solutions. The decision to start the collaboration came after meetings with 6 software providers, Senior Software being the only supplier that met all the company’s selection criteria. Among the aspects that led to the building of this partnership were both the capabilities of the software solutions and their adaptability to the particularities of the business, as well as the professionalism and know-how of the Senior Software team.

Since using SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI solutions, the distributor Pro Activ has significantly increased the number of unique customers served per month and doubled its turnover.

colaborarea dintre pro activ si senior software - implementare sisteme erp bi

“When the Senior Software systems were implemented, Pro Activ had a turnover of around €13 million and around 400 unique customers served per month, and today we are talking about almost €25 million and 600 unique customers.

All departments have been positively influenced by the partnership with Senior Software. We easily track performance indicators and can easily analyze efficiency at department level. We have increased visibility over the business and the direction the business should have. We are working faster and more efficiently, and all these advantages have ultimately led to increasement of profitability.”

Alin Ionescu, Executive Director – Pro Activ

About the company

Based in Dambovita, Pro Activ is a company with 65 employees and, since 2001, the business has been active on the building materials distribution market. The business owns two brands: OK Fix and Crizantema.

The company also distributes products belonging to brands such as Knauf Gips, Austrotherm, Ursa, Xella, Tehnogips, Ral Color, Baumit, Brikston, Soceram. The product categories sold by Pro Activ are: washable paints, primers, EPS and Extruded polystyrene, adhesives, thinners and other similar products.

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