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SeniorCRM Enterprise

Attract and retain more customers with SeniorCRM Enterprise for sales, marketing, service and project management

Dashboard Vanzari  in SeniorCRM Enterprise

First of all, a CRM system offers you transparency and control over all activities, both internal and those that involve interaction with clients or potential clients – known as “prospects”. This ensures a coherent and unique communication with the external environment of the company, and on the other hand it streamlines information exchange within the company. But this is only the beginning:

It helps you sell easier:

1.Carefully monitor your sales

The CRM system allows you to track every activity and sales information: customer visits, phone calls or offers sent by sellers, details about customer preferences or contact information about new prospects and many others.

2.Establish customized sales workflows

A sale process involves in most cases several stages: the initial contact, the first discussion, the first bid, the negotiation etc. In CRM you can customize each stage or you can define multiple sales workflows, customized on types of products/services or clients.

Activitati de vanzare in CRM

Personalizare flux vanzari in CRM

3.Correct and implement best practices

Once the transparency of the sales process is obtained, it’s important to identify both the points where the selling fails more often, and also best practices for sale, validated by employees with experience. They are a valuable resource for the entire sales team because they can help other employees correct their selling techniques and get better results.

4.Set targets and performance goals

To ensure that each employee of the sales department respects the sales workflows, you can correlate sales stages with performance goals: calls or visits, sent offers, won opportunities and so on. They do not substitute the sales targets, but help improve the productivity of a salesman and this way, he will know at any moment how many visits he has to do in order to fulfill its targets.

Analiza date vanzari in CRM

It helps you sell more:

Client potential in CRM

5.Permanently extend the prospects database

Now that you have obtained a more productive sales team, all they need is potential customers to sell to. A prospect database is very easy to maintain in CRM: you can import or manually enter all kinds of information about them, you can segment them depending on geographical location, financial indicators or other criteria relevant to the selling process.

6.Create effective marketing campaigns

Once the prospect database is created, it can be segmented and addressed with ease through quick marketing campaigns – for example a notification about a special offer, or more complex ones, with multiple activities. The CRM system facilitates the implementation of integrated marketing campaigns by e-mail – where you can see what prospects have opened or have interacted with your newsletter or online, through the monitoring of the site visitors.

Vizite pe site in CRM

7.Diversify the sources of potential customers

The variety of channels and mechanisms through which potential customers get in touch with the company’s offer can be daunting and often expensive, but the flexibility of the CRM system allows you to monitor and evaluate each one of them. For example, the company’s website can be an excellent “prospects generator”, and each visit or interaction with them is recorded in the CRM.

8.Focus your sales efforts on the most profitable sources of prospects

Activities aimed at attracting potential clients are varied both as the way they are carried on, as well as the budget, so it is important that every method for getting prospects to be tested, monitored and evaluated in terms of cost versus results obtained. Thus you will concentrate your promotional and selling efforts on the best sources of potential clients for your business.

Raport surse clienti potentiali in CRM

Something extra: project management
If you perform complex projects with associated services and many resources involved, the specific project management functionalities of the CRM system will help you successfully conduct projects in just 5 steps.

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It helps you keep your customers close and happy:

9.Unique and correct communication with every customer

Regardless of the department or employee which interacts with a customer, prospect or partner, the reliability of the transmitted messages is very important, from the offer sent by the seller to the way that the support department solves an incident by telephone. Also, it is not pleasant for a client to be prompted the same information or contact data although it is the 5th order placed, or not to be taken into consideration all his requirements.

Istoric client in CRM

10.Respond faster to customer requests

Incidents and client requests resolving procedures are easy to customize and automate, resulting in decreased response times to clients. For example, the allocation of the requests is done automatically to a responsible from the Support & Service Department, and the availability of the history of interactions with the client and the service levels agreed with him will help the employee to respond quickly and properly to the request, according to the agreed terms of the contract.

11.Increase the quality of answers to incidents

Every resolved incident is a source of information for an employee of the Support Department. Methods of solving the most common requests can be validated by employees with experience and centralized in the CRM as a knowledge base, and the entire support team benefits from the know-how accumulated as a result of interactions with clients. Thus, both the risks associated with staff fluctuations and the integration periods of new employees are reduced

12.Identify new business opportunities from existing clients

SeniorCRM is a powerful tool for increasing customer satisfaction by reducing response times to incidents, increase the quality of answers and automation of repetitive activities in the Support & Service Department. Customer satisfaction is a source of income that can be quantified, depending on the company’s strategy, in terms of: loyalty, getting recommendations for attracting new customers, increasing sales opportunities for new products and services.

Top clienti in CRM


SeniorCRM Enterprise offers benefits for the company and for each department separately:

Marketing, sales and service modules are correlated

In CRM each department has specific and intuitive features for optimizing marketing, sales and support & service activities, and employees have access to a common database, which ensures the uniqueness of the information at organizational level.

Pagina principala SeniorCRM Enteprise

Personalizare flux vanzari in CRM

Existing functionalities are easy to customize

We know that every business is unique, that’s why the system’s flexibility is important. The functionalities offered by SeniorCRM Enterprise can be easily adapted to specific internal company processes, from carrying out promotional campaigns to personalized sales processes, as in the example from the left.

Automates repetitive activities

The CRM system provides a number of predefined workflows that enable automation of common internal activities, such as advancing a potential client from one stage to another in the process of selling or assigning the correct service requests to the responsible users. In addition, other workflows for automating repetitive activities can be easily implemented.

Automatizare activitati in CRM

Marketing online integrat cu SeniorCRM Enterprise

It can be extended with new components

SeniorCRM Enterprise can be extended with advanced functionalities for the development of integrated marketing campaigns, such as e-mailing or monitoring the site visitors and turning them into opportunities. In addition, the CRM system provides a component dedicated to project management activities for planning and creating projects, resources and related costs management.

Natively integrated with other Microsoft solutions

Developed on the Microsoft xRM platform, with more than 1 million users worldwide, the CRM system offered by Senior Software is easy to use and integrate with Microsoft products: Outlook, Excel, Word, SharePoint, to form an efficient and adapted solution for the needs of your business.

Setari avansate in CRM

Acces preferential pentru utilizatori in CRM

Global availability, full data security

Users’ access to information is done in accordance with the security policy established at company level. Thus, regardless of the fact that the CRM system is accessed from Headquarters or from another location, the information is secure.

Solutions for data visualization analysis

With the CRM system, the reports are easy to set up, without the intervention of the IT Department. Users can get accurate, up-to-date information fast – sales forecasts, goals, customers buying patterns, promotions, service requests – all in order to generate higher sales.

Analiza date vanzari in CRM

Remove duplicates

Very useful functionality for maintaining the CRM database, that allows you to remove duplicate records based on the type of entity (account, contact etc.). This way, the massive effort of the employees for manual checking of the uniqueness of the data is reduced.

Eliminare duplicate in CRM
Alocare task-uri in CRM

Scalable form of allocating tasks

Each user will know clearly what has to be done through flexible activities and tasks allocation instruments. In SeniorCRM Enterprise tasks can be assigned individually or in bulk, to all selected entities. Activities can also be assigned to a user or a group.

Intuitive Workflows

Predefined workflows from the CRM system can be easily customized on the profile of each Department. Here is an example of a sale process consisting of several consecutive, easy to edit and adjust stages.

Fluxuri de lucru in CRM
Cautare avansata in CRM

Advanced search

The Advanced Find tool from SeniorCRM Enterprise allows for advanced searches, based on multiple criteria, for example: filter for identification of potential customers from Bucharest, that have Transport as area of activity and the estimated date of closing the associated sales opportunities within the next 10 days.

Import data with a few clicks

SeniorCRM Enterprise allows you to import data with just a few clicks, saving import scenarios and reusing them, as well as data validation. For example, with the data import wizard from CRM you can quickly import information about prospects from different databases.

Import date in CRM
Campanii rapide in CRM

Quick campaigns

In CRM you can create a quick campaign in just 4 steps: select the prospects list, choose the type of activity – send email, telephone call etc., set campaign name and write the message you want to send and you got a ready to launch campaign.

Flexible reporting system

The reporting Module is easy to set up: select the time frame and the types of records you wish to analyze, set the conditions that they must fulfill and generate the report, without the intervention of the IT Department.

Raportare in CRM
Securitatea datelor in CRM

Data security

Employees’ access to information is carried out according to company’s established security policy. Access rights can be assigned both at user level, as well as groups of users – for example for the employees in a Department.

Quick configurations

The adding of new fields is easy to set up, without the need for technical knowledge.

Configurari rapide in CRM
Integrare CRM cu Outlook

Native integration with Microsoft Office applications

By integrating email, calendar, tasks and contacts from Microsoft Office Outlook with CRM system, sellers can allocate more time for sales meetings. 

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Hellimed uses SeniorCRM Enterprise

We decided to implement the CRM, ERP and BI systems from Senior Software at Hellimed to be able to better manage our activities, to improve relationships with clients and to gain faster access to the information in our company. The market is becoming more complex, and the selling process is not a simple singular service, but a complex activity consisting in multiple services. To be successful in sales you need to understand specific customer requirements and activities, whether you address a private or public customer. It doesn’t matter what you sell, but the difference is how you do it. After the implementation of the CRM system we will centralize the information about sales, customers, activities and we will be able to react more quickly to the sales process, thus improving relationships with clients.