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CRM for Sales

Equipping sales people with the best customer and prospects relationship management tools and strategies is very important for getting a competitive advantage on the market. SeniorCRM Enterprise includes a module dedicated to the sales department, which allows detailed tracking of activities and sales pipeline in order to maximize the number of signed contracts.

CRM for sales

1.Planning teams and sales processes

Pregatire echipa vanzari in CRM

Organizing and preparing sellers in CRM
  • Establish sales territories and assign teams
  • Integrate the calendar, tasks and contacts from Microsoft Outlook with the CRM system for a more efficient organization of the sellers’ activities
  • Create price and discounts lists for each type of customer or product
  • Publish documentation about products, competitors, best practices and tips for sale, validated by employees with experience in the Resource Center
  • Implement workflows at individual or team level in order to automate repetitive, administrative activities
  • Use user or group of users-level permissions for easy and secure distribution of information
Improving the sales process with the CRM system

Based on the working procedures in CRM can be defined intuitive workflows for the sales representatives, designed to help increase the productivity of the department, such as:

  • Automating the distribution of potential customers to the appropriate vendors, for example depending on the geographical area/territory
  • Setting alerts in certain situations in order to take proactive measures, such as unaccomplished follow-up call activities
  • Defining a workflow of recurring activities or steps for the sales process, thus ensuring the compliance of sale procedures by all employees

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2.Prospects and contacts management

Management prospecti in CRM

The sales people efficiency at this level is improved by keeping a complete history of the activities on each prospect: people with updated contact information, tasks, notes, attachments, products purchased in the past and other information that supports the sale.

Identification of the most attractive potential clients in CRM

  • All data about prospects is centralized into a common platform, permanently updated and with a clear record of the history of each prospect
  • The automatic identification of duplicates eliminates situations where two sellers are working on the same prospect, and contributes to increasing the quality of data in the system
  • Storing various information about potential customers allows the rapid identification of the most attractive prospects and segmenting them into separate lists of prospects, for a proper approach

More organized and efficient prospecting activity in CRM

  • Tracking potential customers into a single centralized system results in a better interaction and synchronization with the activities of the marketing department
  • The CRM system allows the automatic assignment of email messages to potential clients by integrating email and contacts from Microsoft Office Outlook with SeniorCRM Enterprise
  • Prospects or contacts’ tasks can be automatically assigned to one or more users, according to the rules or other established procedures at organizational level

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3.Sales opportunities management

Management oportunitati in CRM

Opportunities management in CRM has an organization component and a forecasting one. Sellers’ activity is seen in the sales pipeline and it offers, at the management level, an up-to-date perspective on the opportunities with the highest winning probability.

Sales pipeline monitoring in CRM

A sales pipeline is the forecast basis for contracts that will be signed in a certain period and the diagnosis center of activities that need to be improved in order to increase the number of opportunities. Tracking data that constitute the sales pipeline allows the identification of key information for the sales process, such as:

  • How many prospects you must have in the pipeline in order to constantly get new customers or to boost sales in a certain period
  • What are the stages from the sales workflow where most prospects are stuck
  • What are the competitors that you have lost opportunities to, in order to identify their weaknesses and increase the rate of won opportunities versus competitors

Accelerating the sales process with the CRM system

  • Centralized tracking of transaction information about: quotes, orders, invoices.
  • Create and monitor customized offers and prices for each sales opportunity
  • Evaluate opportunities depending on the stage in the selling process, depending on the estimated closing date, competitors, account managers and so on.

4.Customer management

Management clienti in CRM

The client (CRM account) is the main benchmark for the seller and subsequently, after the signing of the contract for the service department. Identifying decision makers, pursuing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, defining the relationship between the organization and the companies from the group, are elements that facilitate working with a client and put in contact all the departments that interact with it.

More features for customer management in CRM
  • Activities and interactions can be monitored both at contact or account (client) level
  • Contracts renewal date and details are easy to follow on each account individually, or you can set up notifications when a contract must be renewed
  • Contacts representing consultants or employees of the client-company or other person with decision-making power, which may influence the commercial relationship with a particular customer may be associated with accounts
  • Subordination relationships between accounts and contacts enable a better understanding of the organizational structures

5.Sales analysis and forecast

Analiza vanzari in CRM

Based on the CRM data, managers benefit from useful information for tracking and forecasting sales, measuring the sales department performance, identifying trends, problems and opportunities.

Sales indicators

At the managerial level, the sales indicators are the pillars of the business. According to your sales objectives, you will know how many people you need, what expenses the company supports etc. The CRM offers at this level the perspective of all factors that contribute to or hinder the objectives achievement. The indicators related to the sales cycle, conversion rate of potential clients, sales targets, can be obtained from the reporting module of the CRM system.

Complex activities reports

Besides the classical reports based on current activities from a given period, at user level, SeniorCRM offers a range of vital data for the sales department productivity growth. In order to sell effectively, you must maintain an ongoing dialogue with the prospect, which is why it is important to monitor prospects, accounts, neglected opportunities, overcoming activities, for prioritizing their contacting.

Sales strategies

Centralization and monitoring of sales data via pipeline, reports and specific sales indicators offers the premise of building successful sales strategies through:

  • Organization of sales department and its transformation into an effective weapon to gain more opportunities
  • Identifying new business opportunities by analyzing the customer, his needs and the competitors

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