Helped by Senior Software’s systems, the manufacturer Mirdatod developed its business and is estimating a turnover of over 20 million euro

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Mirdatod Prod, cheese manufacturer, developed their business and has had an impressive evolution since they started using ERP & BI from Senior Software. In the last 4 years, the company has significantly reduced work times & costs and has gained real-time access to key information. Helped by modern business management systems, the manufacturer opened a new factory, added new products to its portfolio and formed advantageous partnerships, estimating a turnover of 20 million euros for 2022.

The implementation of the ERP & BI systems from Senior Software had a major impact over Mirdatod Prod, the creator of the ”Telemea de Ibanesti” brand, business owned by the brothers Mircea & David Todoran. The sales & manufacturing activities have been extended and are now more efficient thanks to the suite of scalable & easy to use solutions – SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI, purchased 4 years ago.

The cheese & other dairy derived products manufacturer & distributor’s activity began in 1995, as a family business. Following the business’ constant development, as well as the market changes, numerous difficulties also arose, such as those related to access to information. After purchasing the powerful integrated software systems for business management, the company managed to overcome all challenges and register unexpected benefits in manufacturing & sales. The manufacturer gained instant access to essential information, increased visibility & control over the entire business while also considerable reducing costs & work times.

Helped by Senior Software’s systems, the manufacturer Mirdatod developed its business and is estimating a turnover of over 20 million euro
“Compared to our previous way of operating, the difference is astronomical.”

”Problems began when we requested accounting & financial situations, from which we had to extract sales data by clients / partners / articles, numeric & quantitative, in order to make an analysis of which products are not vendible, to replace them with better selling ones.

Currently, with ERP from Senior Software, everything is much easier, reports & information come way faster. We’ve implemented even the ability to take orders on tablets, which allows the sending & visualizing of inventory in real-time. The system is of great help in the production area as well, because it offers, in just a few seconds, exact data regarding raw materials, consumption, quantities and absolutely everything regarding manufacturing. Compared to our previous way of operating, the difference is astronomical”

declared David Todoran, Administrator of Mirdatod Prod.

”Fixing problems is much faster and cheaper than before”

Mirdatod owns 2 factories (in Ibanesti & Reghin), where over 80 000 liters of milk are processed daily, collected from over 4 000 farmers from the Mures county area. Thanks to their partnership with Senior Software, the manufacturer can easily identify issues & immediately react towards fixing any issues from inside the factories, saving time & money.

At the same time, the ERP & BI solutions allowed the company to stop sending physical documents, to fully manage manufacturing & to gain complete traceability, from the raw materials until the final product.

“Very important, maybe even the most important, are the benefits registered in the manufacturing area. Here, any error regarding work methods, technology, essentially everything, can be seen within the hour and in the next hour, measures may be taken. Without software like this, decisions are usually taken in a week or two or maybe even a month, time in which the company loses money. Now, problem fixing is done much faster and with much lower costs

added David Todoran

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Expanding the business & increasing sales with modern solutions

The SeniorERP & SeniorVisualBI systems replaced the company’s old software, when Mirdatod team realized that the company needed solutions that are able to sustain, without any problems, everything that expanding the business required. In the moment of implementation, the manufacturer’s expectations regarding Senior Software’s systems were tied to the automation of resource planning & management but also to reports & analysis.

”SeniorVisualBI influenced us only positively. When we wanted a collaboration with a supposed partner, we were able to make a quick analysis of requested manufacturing vs. Manufacturing capacity, of our ability to collect more raw material, to hire more people and to manufacture more. Even the decision to build a new factory, the one from Reghin, was based heavily on the analysis and information from BI. Based on these we built a project, we took into account discussions with potential clients, market requirements & we also developed a line of acidophilic products.
I advise all those who want to expand their business to use smart solutions. I think it’s impossible to have an image as complex as possible without powerful software. 4 years ago we couldn’t see so many opportunities and so much information gained in such a short amount of time. Now, we definitely see this software’s true value.”
David Todoran
Manager of Mirdatod Prod

With a turnover of 13,5 million euros in 2021, the manufacturer set as its target for the current years an increase of almost 50%, and based on the resultes from recent months, with the help of Senior Software’s solutions, they consider that they will reach this set goal. Also, presently, the team from Mures is working on a common brand with an American company, which means that products made in the Mirdatod Prod factories will reach the USA market.

About Mirdatod Prod

Mirdatod Prod manufactures & distributes cheese & other dairy products, the company becoming famous on the Romanian market thanks to the ”Telemea de Ibanesti” product (the only Romanian product to receive the DOP attestation, characteristic recognized on European level). Production is done in the factories from Ibanesti & Reghin, based on traditional recipes. The company has 185 employees, and their products (cheese, bellows cheese, butter, kefir etc) are sold both locally & internationally.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is the only provider and developer of software systems in Romania with a complete package of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, Senior Software began its operations with a single division, and currently it has 7 of them through wich intuitive ERP, BI, SCM, MES, E-Commerce & Hardware systems are being implemented. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi) with a team of more than 180 employees.

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