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Monte Banato, leader of the Romanian pasta with eggs market, streamlined production & sales processes

Implemented Systems: SeniorERP, SeniorVisualBI & SeniorSFA

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Pangram, the manufacturer of the Monte Banato pasta & crackers, gained numerous benefits by automating manufacturing & sales processes with Senior Software’s ERP, SFA and BI solutions.

The leader of the Romanian pasta with eggs marked saved at least 2 hours/day in the manufacturing plan tracking process and gained real-time visibility over price and total production costs variations.

“The list of benefits is quite long and continues to grow each day. An important benefit brought by the software solutions is the reduction to almost zero of the quantities requested by clients that remained unshipped. Starting with 2021 this stampede of price increases came, stampede which can now be tracked in real-time. Before, we had delays in tracking the evolution of costs and we had delays up to a month in updating production costs, while presently this is done in real-time and we have an immediate overview of variations.”
Liviu Semenescu
General Manager, Monte Banato

What did the company gain?

Among the advantages gained by the company with the SeniorERP, SeniorSFA and SeniorVisualBI systems, we count:

Optimizing manufacturing costs

Almost 0 unshipped quantities

Visibility over production costs and variations

Reduction of production plan tracking time by 2 hours/day

Real-time visibility over inventory & product rotation

Effective tracking of the execution and results of promotions

Optimal management of budgets for promotions

Customized & easy to access reports

Real-time access to detailed information

Significant reduction of work time

Elimination of manual & redundant processes

Simplified monthly reporting to the group

“In the manufacturing process we easily save around 2 hours / day, compared to 4-5 years ago”

In 2019, the manufacturer replaced the old software they used, which was prone to errors and slowed down the business development process, with the complete package of integrated solutions from Senior Software. Monte Banato chose to collaborate with Senior Software due to the complete package of solutions, developed according to the needs of the Romanian market and the provider’s flexibility. Thus, the company has automated its entire activity with the integrated systems SeniorERP – for resource management, SeniorSFA – for sales management and SeniorVisualBI – for detailed analyses and complex reports.

By integrating the ERP and SFA solutions, the manufacturer eliminated communication errors, gained real-time visibility and access to information and inventory and optimized the entire sales process.

With the help of the BI solution, the company has the ability to follow the effects of the launched promotions and to manage and optimize the allocated budget. At the same time, the monthly reporting process to the group was shortened from a few days to just a few hours.

VIDEO Case Study: Monte Banato, leader of the Romanian pasta with eggs market, streamlined production & sales processes

“There are things that were totally missing before when we had the old system, such as: fixed assets management & amortizations management. On the manufacturing side, there is a great difference. Everything that was related to calculation production costs was done in Excel, we couldn’t do it in the system. In the manufacturing process we can now, compared to 4-5 years ago, save 2-3 hours/day with ease.”

Liviu Semenescu, General Manager – Monte Banato

About the company

Pangram SA is a company founded in 1994, which introduced the concept of flour pasta with egg to the Romanian market, through the Monte Banato brand. Starting with the year 2000, Monte Banato became the market leader in Romania in the segment of pasta with egg.

The company exclusively produces pasta and crackers and started the collaboration with Senior Software from the need to implement solutions and modules that would automate and simplify the production and sales activities.

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