Sipex Company: “For almost 10 years we have been partners with Senior Software and we have fully felt all the benefits of this collaboration”

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Sipex Company has optimized and developed its business with the help of high-performance systems, the company being set to open new work points, supported by the chosen software supplier. For almost 10 years, Sipex been using integrated systems from Senior Software, managing in this time to become one of the largest distributors of construction materials in Romania. Complete visibility over the business, major time savings and increased control are just some of the benefits obtained by the company with the chosen solutions.

Sipex Company, a top distributor of construction materials, manages its business with the help of a package of flexible and integrated systems from Senior Software. Implemented in 2014, the systems allowed the business to expand and consolidate its position on the market. Currently, Sipex Company has 12 logistics centers, a fleet of about 200 vehicles, a turnover of 59 million euros and plans to open new work points. In addition, from 2022, Sipex shares began to be traded on the AeRO market, the distributor planning the transfer to the main market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the continuous development with the support of the systems provided by Senior Software.

The integrated systems used by Sipex Company are:


“Since we implemented SeniorERP, times have improved along the entire operational line. We have made each transport more efficient and we keep fuel consumption costs under control. We can always carefully analyze if, what, when or how much we need to order, depending on the rotation we want and other criteria. For us, the most important thing is to get real-time reports with SeniorVisualBI, which is a magnificent solution. We can track sales by agent, by area, by product type and see profitability per agent, per work point and more.

The systems perfectly suit our requirements. It has already been around 10 years since we have been partners of Senior Software and I am glad that we made this choice. I fully felt all the benefits of this collaboration. It is proven that Senior Software helped us a lot in our development. We want to continue to develop, we intend to open other work points and we will definitely find support in our partner to achieve these new goals.”

Costin Gheorghe, CFO – Sipex Company

Prior to the partnership with Senior Software, integrated business management was difficult to achieve. Most of the processes in the company were carried out manually, a way of working that consumed too many resources and was prone to errors. With the automation of business processes, given by the use of integrated solutions provided by Senior Software, Sipex Company managed to overcome the challenges also faced by many other businesses in Romania.

The first benefits could be observed by the distributor shortly after implementation. Over time, the company continued to achieve significant improvements in all business segments.

With the Senior Software systems, Sipex Company manages its business in an integrated manner and can successfully comply with fiscal requirements, including those referring to 406 Statement (SAF-T). With SeniorERP, Sipex can quickly perform invoicing operations from any work point for B2B partners and can easily track the receipts situation.


In addition, the ERP system offers Sipex the ability to block sale to partners who are late in payment or who exceed the credit limit, which contributes to the decrease of unpaid invoices percentages.

Also, Sipex managers have real time visibility over both company operations and stocks, as well as price fluctuations. In this way, the company gained control over costs and the way in which resources are used. The analyses and reports from BI allow the distributor to know in detail what situation the company is in and to draw the most suitable business directions. The sales team’s activity was also considerably simplified and optimized with the help of the SFA system, making it possible to increase the productivity and performance of field agents. On the other hand, the B2B e-commerce solution led to an increase in partner satisfaction and to the improvement of the commercial relationship with them.

”The implementation of the SFA helped us a lot, it eased our activity and made it very efficient. Our agents go to the field and can see inventory statuses on their tablet, in real time. They can make stock reservations and quickly place orders. Then, operators take the respective orders, generate and send the delivery document to the warehouse employees, after which the goods are prepared and loaded into the cars. Then, the notices or invoices that accompany the goods are generated. This whole process can take less than 24 hours. Thus, the sales team was able to increase the number of visits to customers and launch larger orders.
The B2B solution also brought important benefits to our business. Many partners were delighted to see the status of their orders at any time, what quantity was ordered, their balance or the prices. They can place orders straight into the application, then see when the due date is and make payments simply and quickly.”

Costin Gheorghe
CFO - Sipex Company

The results obtained by Sipex Company, with the help of Senior Software systems, can be viewed in the video case study:

VIDEO – Software Implementation at Sipex Company

About Sipex Company

Sipex Company offers products and complete solutions for constructions, with over 26 years experience on the market and a staff of 300 employees. Sipex Company occupies the 2nd place in the distribution of materials and finishes for construction at national level, their sales being made through 3 channels: traditional retail, B2B and online. Among the brands distributed by Sipex, there are: Ceresit, Rigips, Isover, Weber, Cesarom, Swisspor, Austrotherm, Baumit and many others.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is a provider and developer of high-performance software systems for integrated business management. Founded in 2003, the company has achieved over 500 successful implementations, using the latest technology. Senior Software implements ERP systems, BI, SCM, MES, E-commerce and Hardware systems. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Contanta, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara) with a team of more almost 200 employees.

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