Verdon quickly processes a large volume of orders and easily creates detailed reports with integrated ERP and BI systems

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Verdon Solution, a company from Sibiu that sells agricultural and landscaping products online, enjoys optimized work processes and complete control and visibility over the entire business, since it started using integrated ERP and BI systems from Senior Software. The distributor eliminated the challenges it faced and managed to develop at its desired pace, as a result of automation and connecting all business areas of the company.

“The great advantage offered by SeniorERP is the fact that can manages both types of orders, those for which we have stock and those for which we do not have enough stock, and, in this way, we do not we do not miss any sales opportunity. Another big advantage of the ERP is that it gives us the freedom to integrate it with other systems with which we work. Regarding BI, this comes with a plus, in the sense that it is much easier to graphically visualize a report. It is very important that, once you customize a type of report, it changes in real time, chronologically.”
Adrian Blaga
CEO - Verdon Solution

What advantages did the company gain?

As a result of implementating the integrated SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI systems,
Verdon registered multiple advantages, including:

All information is organized in a single database

Automated processes instead of repetitive manual activities

Simple and fast access to information and connected workflows

Increased data accuracy, thanks to the use of integrated systems

Simple transmission of information from one system to another

Financial & accounting reports obtained in a very short time and without errors

Automatic import of receipts sent by couriers into ERP

Complex analyzes performed quickly, using up-to-date data

Easy to generate and customize P&L reports

Business strategies that allow the company to develop

The company’s situation before and after implementing the ERP and BI systems

The decision to start collaborating with Senior Software came as a result of the Verdon management’s desire to manage the business more efficiently. Previously, the distributor used a software that presented multiple limitations and did not allow the analysis of stocks, flows, orders, etc. A number of processes were carried out manually, such as stock replenishment requirements based on orders from customers that could not be covered by the physical stock, or the import of slips sent by couriers. These were time and resource consuming, but also prone to errors.

Also, generating reports regarding accounting, sales, stocks, profitability and more was a difficult process, and human intervention in such cases could not guarantee the accuracy of data. The lack of visibility and control over the company`s situations were aspects that raised difficulties in day-to-day activities, in scaling the business and in outlining the appropriate decisions for development.

Following the partnership with Senior Software, Verdon optimized its entire activity, achieving integrated business management.

Most operations have been automated, the reporting processes have been improved and simplified, and, with the integration of the ERP solution with other systems in the company, Verdon now enjoys uninterrupted workflows and maximum accuracy. Currently, the distributor has end-to-end control and visibility over its business and has the opportunity to develop at the desired pace.

implementarea sistemelor software erp si bi in cadrul verdon solutions

“Positive changes appeared immediately after implementation: well-established work flows, completing an order at an accelerated pace, simple management of partners, customers, orders, stocks, sales, but also of accounting, including e-Invoicing. It helped us the most in organizing the company in one system, centralizing everything we needed in one place.

It is very important to surround yourself with people who know what they are doing and have a vision for the future, such as those from Senior Software.”

Claudiu Taranu, CTO – Verdon Solution

About Verdon Solution

Verdon Solution was founded in 2014, in Sibiu, and it deals with the online sales of agricultural and landscaping products, such as seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, gardening tools, machines and construction tools.

The company has a storage area of 2,500 square meters, logistic space that serves the online store.

sqm storage space
products in portfolio

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