MONTE BANATO: ”With Senior Software’s solutions , our problems started to disappear, like after taking a painkiller.”

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Pangram, manufacturer of the Monte Banato pasta, optimized its entire business with the suite of integrated systems for business management by Senior Software. The company solved multiple challenges, which many other companies from Romania encounter, gaining increased control over costs and cash-flow, enhanced data accuracy, faster work speed and improved resource management in manufacturing and distribution.

Monte Banato, leader on the Romanian pasta market, registered a long list of benefits, using Senior Software’s integrated systems, perfectly adapted to the company’s business particularities. With a turnover of over 10 mil. euro, Pangram manufactures daily 40 tons of pasta and 2.5 tons of crackers, and managed to boost operational efficiency across all business divisions in recent years thanks to integrated and connected processes.

4 years ago, Monte Banato started using a suite of systems from Senior Software, simplifying operations and eliminating the company’s major issues. The suite, through which the company has continued to achieve outstanding results, includes:

Monte Banato a inregistrat o lista lunga de beneficii cu sistemele Senior Software

Following the production plan and calculating production costs, collecting and sending orders, billing and reserving inventory, and managing marketing budgets are just a few of the optimized processes.

”In the process of tracking daily production plans, through customized reports from ERP, we can now easily save around 2 hours per day, compared to 4-5 years ago. The SFA solution brings us the great advantage of being integrated with the ERP system. When these solutions are integrated, any communication errors completely disappear. Our sales team has fast access to everything related to inventory, budgets. Everything happens in real-time, including sending orders.

We use the BI solution in two areas: in the sales area and the financial area. We have the ability to track the effects of our promotions and see how much of those budgets are being used. On the financial side, things have been greatly simplified. All monthly reports sent to the group are being done considerably faster – we’re not talking about days anymore, but hours.”

Liviu Semenescu, General Manager – Pangram

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The challenges faced by Monte Banato, overcome with Senior Software’s systems

Before implementing Senior Software’s systems, the main problem the manufacturer faced was that the old ERP software didn’t have any development prospects and caused irregularities regarding data reconciliation, information accuracy leaving much to be desired. The Monte Banato team had to always make calculations and work with different Excel files, beginning with manufacturing and up to logistics & financial, and information was never aligned or they didn’t have the ability to manage it in their old resources management system.

At the same time, managing fixed assets, amortizations, wasn’t possible until the old system was replaced with SeniorERP. The lack of visibility over inventory and the programmed production, of the ability to predict purchasing and also the apparition of human errors and an increased volume of quantities ordered by clients that remained unshipped, were problems that Pangram encountered. Another aspect that caused difficulties within the company was the usage of software solutions from different providers, thus the interconnection of systems was required, which in turn caused numerous issues such as the generation of wrong prices or applying promotions erroneously.

”With Senior Software’s solutions, our problems started to disappear, like after taking a painkiller. The list of benefits is quite long and continues to grow each day. We have benefits on all segments and levels.

An important benefit brought by the software solutions is the reduction to almost zero of the quantities requested by clients that remained unshipped. The system’s workflow helps eliminate human errors and optimizations are both on the sales side – and they are related to the sales team which now has a better overview of inventory, as well as on the logistics & production programming side. In the supplying area we can make purchasing foresights.

Before, we had delays in tracking the evolution of costs and we had delays up to a month in updating production costs, while presently this is done in real-time and we have an immediate overview of variations, which is a plus especially regarding reaction times. Starting with 2021 this stampede of price increases came, stampede which can now be tracked in real-time. The latest benefits are tied to budgeting, to closing a month and doing P&L reports, where you can immediately see what costs were not billed.”

Liviu Semenescu, General Manager – Pangram

The manufacturer of the Monte Banato pasta began collaborating with Senior Software thanks to the integrated business solutions suite offered by the provider. Other appreciated aspects are the provider’s flexibility compared to others, the dedication to improving their systems in report to the necessities of Romanian companies and the fast implementation of the systems. The manufacturer’s plans for the future are tied to further developing the company and extending the collaboration with Senior Software.

About Pangram – Monte Banato

Pangram introduced the concept of pasta with eggs for the first time on the Romanian market. Founded in 1994, the business became known through the Monte Banato brand. The company’s activity is based on the manufacturing & distribution of Monte Banato pasta and crackers, but also on the distribution of products from Italian brands such as Colussi, Misura and Agnesi. The sales market for Pangram’s activity extends throughout Romania and in all multinational networks.

About Senior Software

Senior Software is the only provider and developer of software systems in Romania with a complete package of integrated solutions. Founded in 2003, Senior Software began its operations with a single division, and currently it has 7 of them through wich intuitive ERP, BI, SCM, MES, E-Commerce & Hardware systems are being implemented. The company operates in five locations in Romania (Bucharest, Constanta, Cluj, Timisoara and Iasi) with a team of more than 180 employees.

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