Improved cost predictability of raw material,
gained by UrsPack with ERP & BI systems

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UrsPack, a top player in the Romanian biodegradable packaging industry, has automated and improved all of the company’s operations, starting from production and warehouses to sales, using the ERP and BI solutions from Senior Software. The company from Suceava produces customized biodegradable packaging at an industrial level. With a turnover of around 3 million euros, the manufacturer expects to double its turnover with the help of the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI systems.

“Senior Software has come up with an excellent solution to digitize everything that happens in the company, from production and sales to warehouse management, and this helps us to develop at a harmonious and very well controlled pace. The systems allow us to scale sales and manage each product, to figure out where we have losses, where we can do more, so that we can increase our profits.”
Vasile Avram Ursaciuc
Administrator, UrsPack

What advantages did the company gain?

The UrsPack team achieved the following benefits through the integration of the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI systems:

Synthesizing and structuring all information of interest

A unique database, with easy access to information, anytime and anywhere

Much more accurate estimate of production costs

Control over customers relationships and access to interactions history

Fast and accurate identification of products in the warehouse

Detailed reports and analyzes on sales, product evolution, cost fluctuations

Better predictability regarding raw material costs

Increased visibility and control over inventory

Accurate medium and long term estimates for sales

More effective business strategies, based on accurate data

The company’s status before and after the implementation of ERP and BI systems

The decision to collaborate with Senior Software came as a result of the managers’ desire to optimally manage both sales activities, as well as products from warehouses and raw materials used in production, including obtaining support in the decision-making process. Previously, the company lacked visibility over real production costs, and the fluctuation of raw material costs could not be tracked in real time.

The company started using the ERP and BI integrated systems, from Senior Software, in October 2022. For UrsPack, these represent a complete solution that facilitates automation of work flows and efficient management from A to Z.

The solution covers all of the company’s needs from an operational point of view and allows the easy interpretation of information, which can be turned into business directions, to increase efficiency and profitability. Having a tool that covers all operational departments, the manufacturer can also obtain better predictability regarding raw material costs.

beneficii implementare sisteme software informatice erp si bi la urspack

“We chose Senior Software because it offers us complete solutions for the company’s current needs and helps us develop and achieve our future goals.

At first, when we came into contact with the Senior Software solution, it seemed a bit sophisticated, complicated, but slowly going through the steps, it turned out to be something very useful and not difficult to implement. We are very satisfied with the Senior Software solutions, and together with them we will develop UrsPack to reach where we want.”

Lucian Gradinaru, Executive Manager – UrsPack

About the company

Based in Suceava, UrsPack is a business with 100% Romanian capital, launched in 2014, which produces and customizes biodegradable packaging. The company started operations with 2 employees and a work space of 50 square meters. Currently, the company has 70 employees and an area of 5,000 square meters, and work points all over the country.

UrsPack manufactures a varied range of customized cardboard packaging for restaurants, fast foods, catering, confectionery and pastry shops, the monthly production being in the order of tens of millions.

m² work spaces
€ turnover

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